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Some physical illnesses affect the brain and nervous system. Some illnesses affect both the person’s body and their brain directly or indirectly through mood and behaviour. Physical illnesses may result in depression, anxiety or other symptoms of mental health disorders.

Childhood Depression

By ACS Distance Education on May 11, 2018 in Health & Psychology and Counselling | comments

Childhood depression can easily go unnoticed.

Children will more often than not, hide their true feelings from adults and even peers, as they are still developing the coping skills to deal with life.

Understanding childhood depression better is important for anyone who interacts with children - from parents and teachers, to youth leaders and anyone else.


I held my dog in front of a mirror several times yesterday, and yet again he doesn’t seem to recognise himself at all.  Why? Dogs are intelligent and adaptable, but according to Liz Stelow of the University of California, they lack the cognitive development to recognise themselves visually.  So they don’t recognise themselves in a mirror, photo or video. 
Researchers can test if animals can observe themselves in a mirror by painting red dots on the animals face. If the animal starts to touch their face then we know that they self-recognise. Animals that do self-recognise include elephants, magpies, some great apes and dolphins.  Even human babies can take about 18 – 24 months before they recognise themselves in a mirror.
So why don’t dogs self-recognise? Well dogs have evolved to communicate through their sense of smell and make use of scent rather than visual recognition.  
Marc Bekoff, a biologist, argues that dogs are self-aware, they are just not particularly interested in visual cues. They are more interested in scent, so can recognise their own scent compared to the scent in other dog’s urine.  So dogs do self-recognise but usually the scent in their own urine!


From our Psychologist, Tracey Jones


When women drink alcohol during pregnancy, they risk seriously affecting their baby.

Read on and discover ten things that can go wrong with the baby, not only as a baby - but the impact can continue throughout their entire life.