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Challenge Based Learning with ACS


‘… a trending term for what we’ve been offering all along’.

At times, education can appear as simply theory, but Challenge Based Learning, or CBL, is developed around the idea of solving real-world problems through educational courses and strategies. This approach encourages people to solve problems through investigation and enquiry. CBL does not only apply to students, teachers, and families, as other members of the community can also be involved.


How does CBL differ?

CBL involves identifying a question or idea or problem, then finding ways to solve a problem or answer a question, based on a real-world situation.

At ACS, we have been using CBL in our approach to teaching and learning for decades!

ACS courses challenge students to:

  • Develop their learning and understanding of topics based on real world learning.
  • Connect with people and places in the real world, beyond their desk and computer.
  • Explore their chosen subject deeper and broader by encountering and applying knowledge in a diversity of contexts.
  • Use real world scenarios to answer questions or solve problems.
  • Consider problems facing different industries today and apply what they learn to construct optional solutions to those problems.
  • Apply that knowledge and understanding with the world around them.


CBL can be applied to any industry, developing innovative ideas in education, entertainment, tourism, writing, horticulture, agriculture and more.

As a learner with ACS a student might be asked to:

  • develop an effective environment to grow crops,
  • implement techniques to help an individual to manage their anxiety or stress levels,
  • develop a permaculture garden that is effective for their needs,
  • work out a system for effective hydroponics,
  • develop a plan to support an individual to manage their anger,
  • develop precise and clear technical writing to explain how to use a particular piece of equipment or perform a particular task, or,
  • understanding the opportunities now available with technology, such as blockchain, or AI for example.


These are several examples, but with ACS our tutors, and our students are all supported to use their learning, education, and experience towards answering the challenges of the world around us.

Our CBL assignments are designed to stretch students to encourage them to learn more and expand their skills and understanding.  This is essential to improve knowledge, and therefore job and career prospects in the future. Today, lifelong learning is fully recognised. Learning is an ongoing process, where people continue to grow and develop understanding and knowledge throughout their lives.  ACS prepare students to develop capacity to work in industry. We have been doing this for years.

If you are interested in real learning, in expanding your knowledge and advancing your skills, you might start with our Short Course in Research skills. If you’re interested in learning through asking questions, engaging with people and a subject through enquiry, reflecting and investigating – this is a great course for acquiring those crucial skills.

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