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We've just launched a new simplified "agents scheme".

This is a serious opportunity for you to offer your customers a whole new range of reasonably priced products and services, There is no start up cost to you. The only hurdle is that we want to make sure this is viable for both you and for us, before moving forward. 


We now offer 684 micro credential courses - Study as many as you want for $32.95 a month.

How much should we rely on universities & VET Colleges getting their cash flow from overseas students? There is a vulnerability there.

If overseas income crashes, what happens to local students studying in an institution that is over committed to spending; facing a big dip in income?



By ACS Distance Education on June 10, 2019 in Business and Management & Gardening | comments


How much space is needed to start a plant nursery?

Many people may have have enough room in your own home garden, but might not realise.

Understand target marketing for better sales results. When a specific product (or products) is aimed at a particular market segment (portion of the market) that segment becomes the ‘target market’. This target market may be defined by age, gender, geographic, socio-economic grouping a mix of these or by other demographics