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How to learn -tips, advice and articles to help students toward better learning experiences.
CBL involves identifying a question or idea or problem, then finding ways to solve a problem or answer a question, based on a real-world situation. Our CBL assignments are designed to stretch students to encourage them to learn more and expand their skills and understanding.  This is essential to improve knowledge, and therefore job and career prospects in the future. Learning is an ongoing process, where people continue to grow and develop understanding and knowledge throughout their lives.  ACS prepare students to develop capacity to work in industry. We have been doing this for years.

‘Data collection’ and ‘data generation’ are sometimes used interchangeably.

Both terms refer to the methods that are used to gather data for analysis. However, ‘data collection’ hints that the researcher remains outside the creation of that data – potentially the data might have evolved without the researcher’s presence or involvement. ‘Data generation’ hints that the researcher is either an active participant in the creation of data or they may have arranged a situation in which rich data became available.


The Future of Education

By ACS Distance Education on October 13, 2023 in How to Learn Better | comments

Good education should be more than just passing exams and achieving a qualification. There is a growing recognition that effective learning comes from the journey, not the graduation.

three critical ways:

  • transitioning from traditional to progressive education
  • designing educational experiences using technology for self-paced, customised learning solutions like an LMS platform.
  • creating more fluid award design, allowing for microlearning and badging for learning and showcasing specialised skills

Learn how to Learn

By ACS Distance Education on November 16, 2022 in How to Learn Better | comments

Learning is a process – it’s more than simply memorising and reciting facts. It’s about gathering knowledge, then learning how to work with that knowledge to analyse situations and apply what we know to: 

  • solve problems
  • build new things
  • create experiences
  • teach others.

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By ACS Distance Education on December 13, 2019 in Getting Work, Earning Income & How to Learn Better | comments

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