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CBL involves identifying a question or idea or problem, then finding ways to solve a problem or answer a question, based on a real-world situation. Our CBL assignments are designed to stretch students to encourage them to learn more and expand their skills and understanding.  This is essential to improve knowledge, and therefore job and career prospects in the future. Learning is an ongoing process, where people continue to grow and develop understanding and knowledge throughout their lives.  ACS prepare students to develop capacity to work in industry. We have been doing this for years.

Information technology is a field concerned with using computers in a variety of ways to work with data. It’s a broad field that includes:

  • communications technology
  • web design and development
  • programming
  • software development
  • data analysis and modelling.

Although there is overlap between these disciplines, they are distinct disciplines, requiring different knowledge and skills.


4 steps to a Successful Career Path

By ACS Distance Education on November 21, 2022 in Getting Work, Earning Income | comments

How to get on a Successful Career Path

Step 1: Get a Job - any job   Step 2: Think about what matters   Step 3: Learn, learn, learn   Step 4: Apply for what you want, apply for what you don’t want.

Employment services are important to people looking for work and those looking to employ. A good career professional needs the passion and skills to find and place the right person in the right job, and when they do so, they not only satisfy the employer and employee;s needs, buty can also have a very positive and ongoing impact on the workplace they are servicing.

Read more to understand the scope and nature of the work carried out by a career professional.


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By ACS Distance Education on December 13, 2019 in Getting Work, Earning Income & How to Learn Better | comments

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