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This School also Offers much Larger Courses


These are well recognised qualifications across many industries and around the world, all with extensive support services from tutors. Our courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding and a broad foundation in the subject studied. The scope of study is broader than the short courses found on this web site; and those studies can lead to substantial Certificates and Proficiency Awards.

  • There are over 600 different study programs
  • 100 hour modules can be taken individually or combined to form certificates or proficiency awards
  • Certificates mostly involve around 600 hours of study 
  • Proficiency Award 3's are typically 2,100 hours
  • You can design unique qualifications in liaison with our academic officers, either in Australia or England.
  • Courses are offered across a wide range of disciplines including: Science, Agriculture, Horticulture, Health and Fitness, Leisure Management, Animal Sciences, Plant Sciences, Tourism, Hospitality, Education, Writing, Journalism, and more.


The full range of these longer courses can be seen at


How Do these Courses Differ from the 20 hour Courses on this Site?


The 20 hour courses are:

  • intended to supplement existing skills and knowledge
  • intended to compliment a career or business path you are already on
  • faster to complete
  • as such you learn less


The 100 hour courses are:

  • intended to explore a new area of skills and knowledge
  • intended to provide a foundation for further learning
  • intended to start you on a new path for a career or business
  • able to offer greater depth and/or breadth of learning