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What Animals Think

By ACS Distance Education on June 28, 2018 in Animals | comments

It is easy for you to look into your pet’s eyes and feel that there is a soul trapped inside that body that thinks very much like you do. In reality, this is further from the truth than many people usually like to acknowledge.


We have developed a course to help you better understand what animals are really thinking.

When you understand what is going on in an animals brain, whether pet, livestock or wildlife; you are far better positioned to manage that animal's behaviour both for their own welfare, and the best outcome for any people who come in contact with the animal.


What is a Leaf?

By ACS Distance Education on June 11, 2018 in Gardening | comments

If you look close enough, you can see plant leaves can vary a great deal between different types of plants.

The size and shape can vary, as can the colour; but also the texture, the arrangement of veins and whether parts of the leaf is curled down, up, flat or something else. Leaf characteristics can also be affected by disease or environmental condition, so if you use leaves to identify a plant, it is important you use normal, healthy leaves.

Our Plant Taxonomy short course (launched June/July 2018) teaches you about every aspect of scientific plant identification. You learn to observe leaves more closely, and what to look out for in the leaf variations. You also learn to observe fruits, flowers and other parts of a plant; and how these various characteristics can be identifies and used to determine exactly what plant you are looking at.


Best Education

By ACS Distance Education on June 6, 2018 in Getting Work, Earning Income & How to Learn Better | comments
What is 'Best Education' - it depends why you are studying. If you're trying to learn something to make yourself more employable the right course is usually better than the biggest course.

What does CPD mean? 

It may be a formal requirement of some employers of organisations; for maintaining “registration” of a certain professional status. It's most important purpose though is to help a professional stay up to date and useful in their job.