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Plants can help improve our mood and attention.  Research from Li and Sullivan in 2016 found that students in high school will perform better in tests if they can see greenery outside, compared to those who can see other buildings. They found that student’s attention increased by 13% when they had a green view.  They also found that it students with a green view recovered better from stress.  Li and Sullivan believe that when we focus on a task, we ward off other distractions in our environment. This causes fatigue and is mentally draining. But if we no longer focus, then our brain has a chance to rest and refocus. Looking at a green view means we are restoring our mental energy.  The research suggests that school planners should try to ensure that there is more greenery around schools and colleges.



By ACS Distance Education on June 9, 2016 in Self Sufficiency | comments

When bees collect pollen and nectar from flowers and bring it back to the hive – some of it is converted into honey but the rest is converted into beeswax. Bees build their combs from beeswax so they need it in order to survive.

Once you see white cappings in the hive covering the hexagonal shaped cells, it means that the honey is ready for extraction. It is the cappings which are situated on both sides of the cells that make up the beeswax.


Vegetable Pest and Disease

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The best time to grow vegetables is when it is warm; but the only down side to this is warm weather also favours pests and diseases!

Variable weather (eg. storms, floods, drought, wind), combined with warmth can add even more to the headaches.

Gardeners can take three steps to avoid problems with their spring vegetables -read on and find out.


More Courses Coming

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Staff at ACS are busy developing a whole lot more 20 hour short courses.

These are a whole new way of learning launched at the start of 2016.


Work with Animals

By ACS Distance Education on June 5, 2016 in Animals | comments
How can you get started toward a career working with animals; without making a commitment to a hefty course of study up front?