New Online Short Courses


More Courses Coming

By ACS Distance Education on June 8, 2016 in | comments

Staff at ACS are busy developing a whole lot more 20 hour short courses.

These are a whole new way of learning launched at the start of 2016.

The whole study program is fully automated, from enrolling to receiving your certificate of completion; but with our expert academic staff accessible through a help desk, students don't have to be working alone if they need assistance from a "real person".

The course notes are highly illustrated; there are lots of additional tasks to do that take you well beyond just reading; and there are automated tests to undertake throughout the courses, before a larger final assessment at the conclusion.

We've already launched 14 courses, and another will be launched this week. Beyond that, the following are also in the process of being developed:


Counselling Skills

Psychological Profiling


Land Care

Project Management

Horse Care

Human Nutrition