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We've created a whole new way of learning - shorter, bite size courses, which lead to small micro credential qualifications (differing types of badges); to prove your successful completion of a course. 

For $29.95 a month a student can access a huge variety of courses -most taking 3-4 hours or less to complete. (We are doing organisational subscriptions at much lower rates too). Study online; as many (or few) courses as you wish each month. Stop subscribing whenever you wish. All courses developed by our highly qualified & experienced academics. - Ultimate flexibility in your education. 

When organisations sign up groups of people prices drop.  A group of 51 people for instance is $14.95 (Australian dollars) per month - but we can negotiate even better.


There are little understood contradictions in our education system.

Less people are enrolling in degrees, diplomas, certificates and apprenticeships; but at the same time there is job growth in the education sector.

Mainstream education is responding by trying to resurrect the past by throwing more money at marketing, or making cosmetic changes to how they operate; but in reality; changes afoot are far more profound.

Let's examine what has been changing:

1. Employers are increasingly more concerned about the passion and capability of an employee to do a job

2. Employers today are more likely to engage someone based on passion and attitude than on qualifications

3.  Less qualified people today are often more job secure and earn more than the highest qualified people.

4.  Enrolments in short micro credentials are growing extremely fast, as enrolments in longer, mainstream qualifications are in steady decline.

5.  Industry is increasingly valuing professional development and in house/on the job training

6.  The most relevant courses are increasingly outside of accreditation systems - because they can be developed faster and freer of bureaucratic constraints

7.   Technology has changed the cost -benefit dynamics in education.

8.  Learning options have broadened immensely. Tech giants, media companies and other industry sectors are increasingly active in provision of education; taking market share from universities and colleges.

9. Blended learning is developing & eating into mainstream education provision.


These are  bite sized short courses, often studied on line; that use technology to deliver the training, conduct an assessment and deliver some type of credential such as a pdf badge; as proof of successful completion.

Education providers offer thousands of options, for very short blocks of learning; that can be combined as required - hence the combination of learning for each graduate can be very unique and customised to their needs 


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