Sustainable Colleges and Universities


How much should we rely on universities & VET Colleges getting their cash flow from overseas students? There is a vulnerability there.
If overseas income crashes, what happens to local students studying in an institution that is over committed to spending; facing a big dip in income?


"If our campuses are over-invested and over-exposed, so is the nation". (from Higher Ed supplement, Australian Newspaper, Aug 21). "nobody working in Australia's huge international Education industry doesn't worry about the sharp fall in the Chinese student market"


I've been concerned for a long time that unis & VET increasingly rely financially on bringing students into Australia. Same goes for USA, UK & other countries.


Surely the primary purpose of education is to improve your own countries citizens. Why do other countries send their people overseas to study? Can we really assume they will always do that? What happens to our education system if and when they don't need us anymore?

Our school is in the minority, not depending on foreign students coming to our campuses; and in that way, we are less vilnerable.

Having operated for 40 years in education, we have seen many colleges come and go - we believe education provision needs to adhere to a higher ethic an ensure it's sustainability for the sake of it's students