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5 Things Needed for Education Success

By ACS Distance Education on November 17, 2016 in How to Learn Better | comments

How To Choose a Course for Success

Education has never been so important. Many people start courses they never finish though. Others finish a course, pass exams, then forget what they learn. Success comes from true learning where education increases your knowledge and understanding; and in doing so, raises your awareness and capacity to apply what you learned.

Why do People fail to Complete a Course?
Often it is because they were simply mismatched to the course they started.

What then is needed to make a success of a course?

  1. Passion -you must like what you are studying.
  2. Thirst – you must be inquisitive and thirsty for knowledge.
  3. Purpose -you must have a solid reason or benefit. The stronger the reason, the more likely you are to succeed.
  4. Time – you must have adequate spare time to study. People will probably drop out or fail even if they want and need to do a course, if they are unable to find extra hours to give to study
  5. Underpinning Knowledge – There is usually a natural progression in learning anything. You start by learning the fundamentals, then you expand and deepen your knowledge by building on those fundamentals. Trying to learn advanced concepts before first grasping the underpinning concepts is always a recipe for failure.

Why Do People Complete a Course - then Forget what they learned?

Learning is all about getting what you learn into long term memory, then giving it context.
Anyone can absorb something into short term memory; be tested quickly, then forget it. That might get them through an exam, but it won’t be of much benefit after it has been forgotten.

To get something into memory for life, your learning needs to be reinforced by encountering the same knowledge or skills in different contexts, repeatedly. If you have a genuine interest in the subject, and a real understanding of its value; the learning will stick with you more quickly.

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