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SPECIAL - Business Start Up Course



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Limited time special offer -

  • Reduced Course Fee for the Small Business Start Up Short Course (save $33 on the normal fee)
  • Bonus ebook - Business Operations (normally $21.95)
  • Bonus ebook - Working with People (normally $32.95)
  • Bonus ebook - Marketing Psychology ($29.95)


Your Course

There are seven lessons in this course as follows:

  1.     Introduction to Business -understanding why some succeed and others fail
  2.     The Product or Service -What are you selling?
  3.     Systems for Managing a Business
  4.     How to find Potential Customers
  5.     How to Make a Sale
  6.     Delivering the Product or Service
  7.     Pitfalls to Avoid

This is self paced, online study, which will take 20 hours or more to complete. You are supported by our help desk, where you can contact expert staff, who are university trained, and with extensive experience in small business. Staff work in house five days a week, answering emails; responding to online chat and phone calls from our students (You if you enrol).

You are able to study short or long sessions, connecting online from anywhere in the world. You are presented with automated self assessment tests to undertake throughout the course as well as practical and research tasks to undertake. This is far more than just reading and answering questions. It has been developed by business experts working with education and I.T. professionals to be a learning experience that will improve your capacity to set up and succeed in your own small business.

Example of a Course Page:


Your Books

Business Operations e book

This book provides extra insights into the daily running of a business, and covers all important aspects from managing people, finance and products, to understanding the law and minimising risks.

For anyone new to business, it is important that you are aware of what is coming in the months and years after you first set up.

When you understand what might be in front of you, you can be better prepared and in doing so the chances of you succeeding are greatly increased.

Reading this ebook after completing the course can give you a serious advantage.





Working With People e book

Most businesses today will involve working with people. Even if you don't employ people, you may be working with your family and you will definitely be working with suppliers and clients or customers. This ebook was written by the faculty at ACS Distance Education to help you better understand the scope and nature of working with people, whatever the context. It can also provide ideas and insights into a wide range of possible small business ideas.


Marketing Psychology e book

This is a weak point for so many business start ups, and that is why we have supplied it here. Written by a team of psychologists working with small business experts on our staff, this book provides a unique insight into understanding how to find customers and sell your products and services.





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SPECIAL - Business Start Up Course SPECIAL - Business Start Up Course
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