How to preserve meat and fish short course
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Preserving Meat and Fish Short Course

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This course provides professional training for anyone producing or handling meat or fish, whether on a commercial scale or in your own home. It has relevance to:

Farmers and Fisherman
Food Processors
Meat and Fish Marketing
Health professionals
Self Sufficiency & Hobby farming
Food retailers: butchers, market stalls, supermarkets, delicatessens
Restaurants, cafes
Food writers, educators, etc

Whether studying for your own interest and personal improvement, or for professional development or basic career training; this course lays a sound foundation for developing a practical and broad understanding of better dealing with meat and fish foods.


Lesson 1 introduction

Health risks 


Lesson 2 curing meats 

Salts, sugars and nitrites 
Making salami 
Making dry fermented salami 
Curing prosciutto 
Pickling fish in vinegar or salt 

Lesson 3 drying meat 

What drying does 
What meats to use 
Meat drying techniques 
Sun drying 
Solar drying 

Lesson 4 smoking 

Temperature control 
Which wood to use 
Humidity of the smoker 
Preparing the meat 
Smoking times 

Lesson 5 canning

The pressure method 
Processing procedures 
Beef, lamb, pork 
Minced meat 
Game meats 
Beef bolognese sauce 
Beef or chicken stock 

Lesson 6 freezing 

Freezing meat, poultry and fish 
Processing meat for freezing 
Freezing meat 
Freezing fish and seafood 

Lesson 7 vacuum packaging

Types of domestic vacuum sealers 
What dangers are there in vacuum sealing? 

Lesson 8 business and work opportunities

Business risks 
What is conflict?


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Preserving Meat and Fish Short Course Preserving Meat and Fish Short Course
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