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Animal Care Learning Package



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To care for animals well, you need to understand the full range of their health, nutrition and psychological needs.

What you get:

  • Feeding Animals Short Course - from this web site.
  • A second Short Course of your choice from this website.
  • Animal Health ebook - written by our staff, this ebook will guide you through the prevention and detection of disease towards the goal of optimum animal health.
    Topics include health issues, inspection, disease prevention and differential diagnosis.
  • Animal Behaviour ebook - written by our staff, this is a fascinating introduction to animal psychology.
    Topics include animal perception and mentality, innate and learned behaviours, animal communication and behaviour management.


Everything you need to know to care for the physical and emotional needs of animals is here, in one great package and at discounted price.

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How To Use It:


First: Develop Your Foundation Knowledge

Most people know what an animal is but unless you have had multiple different pets, worked on a farm or studied animals you probably still have a lot to learn. The best place to start is with an understanding the basic health requirements of animals.
So begin by reading the Animal Health ebook.

Next: Make Sure you Understand Animal Feed and Nutrition

The right feed in the right amount is essential for the animals under your care to live happy, healthy and productive lives.
Complete the Animal Feed Short Course to learn what you need to know in an engaging and flexible way.

Next: Consider the emotional and psychological side of animal health and behaviour.

The third and final part of the puzzle.
Read the Animal Behaviour ebook to complete the picture of holistic animal health and well-being.

Finally : Choose and undertake a third course (eg. Dog Care, Chickens or Caring for Horses)

Physical Health + Mental Health + Good Nutrition

It's the secret to a harmonious and rewarding relationship between you and the animals in your care.



Support along the Way from Experts

You have access to expert tutors through our student help desk all the time you are studying this course. Our school maintains help desks in both of our offices -in Australia and the UK; and has staff on duty five days a week manning phones, online chat and emails. Any questions that you have about what you are studying will be dealt with promptly (usually the same working day, often immediately).

  • If there is something you read or research that you don't understand, ask for help.
  • If you want to learn more about something you encounter through these studies, have a conversation with one of our faculty tutors
  • If you need direction to find more information, ask
  • If you need advice on moving forward with your work, career or studies after the course ask. (Free career and business advice).


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Animal Care Learning Package Animal Care Learning Package
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