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Plant Pest and Disease

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Learn to Understand Plant Pests and Diseases

It always seems that the more work you do in a garden, the more pest and disease problems seem to appear. For this reason, the keen home gardener and the professional landscaper need to be aware about what pests and diseases they may come in contact with, and how to control them.

This Study Guide will help in the identification of these problems. Without correct identification, it would be very difficult to suggest a suitable method of control. For example, a hole in a leaf may indicate damage by a pathogen such as a fungus, bacterium, or virus, or it could be caused by an insect. If you thought the problem was caused by an insect and sprayed it with an insecticide, but it was actually caused by a virus, then the spray is totally wasted.

This Study Guide will help the home gardener and those working in horticulture at an entry level to identify and control a range of the most common pests and diseases of plants.

We live in an age of heightened environmental awareness where there is an emphasis on caring for our environment through sustainable land management, farming, and horticultural practices which includes reducing the use of chemicals. It is therefore important that plant problems are correctly identified so that an appropriate treatment can be chosen. This will help to prevent useless spraying of possibly harmful chemicals or, perhaps more importantly, the spraying of beneficial insects.

A course for:

  • Amateur gardeners or Professionals
  • Home Gardening, Public Gardening, Commercial Gardening
  • Groundsmen, Nurserymen, Farmers, Arborists, Greenkeepers, etc
  • Anyone who wants to identify and better manage pests and diseases on plants


The Lessons

This course covers 6 lessons:

Lesson 1 Identifying problems
Understanding what can go wrong with your plants
More than one problem
Finding out what the problem is
Conducting an inspection
Alternative approach
Still unsure?
Tell-tale symptoms
The main types of problems
Shortcuts to problem identification
What insect is it?
Diagnosis of plant disorders
Difficult to diagnose problems

Interactive self assessment tests to review lesson 1.

Lesson 2 Treating problems
Different ways to control pests and diseases
Cultural control
Biological control
Physical controls
Legal control

Interactive self assessment tests to review lesson 2

Lesson 3 Problems and the plants they affect
Flowers and bulbs
Fruit and vegetables
Indoor, shade & greenhouse plants
Shrubs & climbers
Australian natives

Interactive self assessment tests to review lesson 3

Lesson 4 Pests

Review of all the major types of pests
Common garden pests

Interactive self assessment tests to review lesson 4

Lesson 5 Diseases
Disease considerations
Types of pathogens
Understanding diseases
Stages in the development of a disease
Review of most Common diseases

Interactive self assessment tests to review lesson 5

Lesson 6 Environmental problems
Common environmental problems
Foliage burn
Lack of water
Drainage problems
Plant tolerance levels
Ways to protect plants
Protective structures
Tree guards
Wind breaks
Environmental problems in lawns
Spray programs
Stages of growth

Interactive self assessment tests to review lesson 6

Final Assessment


Support from Expert Tutors

You have access to expert tutors through our student help desk all the time you are studying this course. Our school maintains help desks in both of our offices -in Australia and the UK; and has staff on duty five days a week manning phones, online chat and emails. Any questions that you have about what you are studying will be dealt with promptly (usually the same working day, often immediately).

    If there is something you read or research that you don't understand, ask for help.
    If you want to learn more about something in the course, have a conversation and get advice from a tutors
    If you need direction to find more information, ask
    If you need advice on moving forward with your work, career or studies after the course ask. (Free career and business advice).




  • 20+hour, self paced course;
  • Fully online
  • Optional, very practical set tasks throughout
  • Automated self assessment tests
  • Certificate of Completion on achieving a 60% pass rate on a final assessment


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Plant Pest and Disease Plant Pest and Disease
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