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Professional Development for Everyone

Everyone can benefit from being able to write better.

If you run your own small business, you may need to write content for your web site or marketing; and if you work for someone else you may need to write reports or emails on a daily basis. Even if you are unemployed, seeking work, you will need to write job applications. Very few of us can escape the need for some writing at times throughout our lives.

  • Good writing results in fast, clear, unambiguous and fast communication
  • Poor writing results in miscommunication; which can result in time wasting, or in extreme situations, unnecessary conflict.

This package gives you the opportunity to improve your ability to write; learning at your own pace. If your writing skills are poor to begin with, you may take longer to complete the learning pack; but it will still work for you, just the same

What you get:

  • Two short courses from this web site - English Grammar, and Creative Writing at a reduced course fee discounted price
  • Three bonus ebooks so you can continue to improve your ability to communicate with others through your writing.  (ie. Technical Writing, Professional Writing, Learning Tips)

First Improve Your English Grammar

English grammar is at the core of effective writing that gets a clear message from the head of one person into the head of another. If you don't understand and structure phrases, sentences and and paragraphs correctly; your writing will either be misinterpreted, or perhaps even worse, fail to hold the attention of the person reading it.

You may have studied grammar when you were at school; but passing an English exam years ago is not the same as remembering how to structure and punctuate what you write properly today.

For some students; this is an opportunity to revise and sharpen grammar skills which they already have some understanding of. For others, it can be a way of taking both their writing and speaking skills to a higher level than where they have been before.


Second Learn to be More Creative and Effective at Getting What You Say Absorbed and Understood

Some people might consider creative writing as involving fiction. It can of course, but it can also be non fiction. Creative writing can be found everywhere in today's world, from pages on the internet, to poetry, advertising and articles in DIY magazines. The thing that makes writing creative is not so much what you write about, as it is how you write about it.

When you learn to be more creative with your writing, you will be learning to capture and hold the interest of the reader. If your writing can engage the reader better, you can hold their attention and communicate your intended thoughts.

This phase of your study will build on your English Grammar course, and improve your capacity to engage a reader in a much better way than you may have ever done previously.


Finally Broaden Your Understanding of the Scope and Nature of Writing

The books you read  after completing these courses will take your understanding and awareness of writing one step further. The technical writing book will show you different ways that technical information can be communicated; but also raise your awareness of just how many places where technical writing is needed and used in our daily lives. The professional writing book will show you a wide range of applications for writing from business to management and marketing to publishing. It may reveal places where you might be able to earn money or save having to employ someone, by using your newly enhanced writing skills. The book about learning will help you better understand how the reader perceives what they read. If you understand how people read, you are better able to write things they will read, understand and remember.

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Improved Writing Skills Improved Writing Skills
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