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Animal Emotions

By ACS Distance Education on December 21, 2016 in Animals | comments

Animal Emotions are Real.

There has been much debate over the years about whether animals experience emotions or not. Those who doubt the validity of animal emotions use the argument that emotions are not clearly defined even when considering humans. They also suggest there is a lack of scientific evidence and that much of the supportive evidence is anecdotal. On the other hand, those who support the notion of animal emotion have countered that since humans share universal emotive expressions, it is conceivable that animals do too. Furthermore, animals do not have to have particularly advanced cognitive abilities to experience emotions. 


Successful people often attribute their success to having a good mentor; but what is a good mentor? Are they just an informal advisor or a glorified teacher -or something else.

Mentoring was always there but today more than ever, it is a recognised and important part of education. As a learning tool, when applied appropriately and properly, mentoring can significantly enhance anyone's learning.


5 Things Needed for Education Success

By ACS Distance Education on November 17, 2016 in How to Learn Better | comments

There are five things you should have before you attempt to study any course: Passion, Thirst, Time, Purpose and Underpinning Knowledge.

If you don't start out with all of these things in place; your attempt at study is going to be an unnecessary struggle with a much higher chance of failure.

Read this article; and if you are unsure; use our free course counselling service so we can help you to avoid studying the wrong thing at the wrong time in your life.

At ACS we aim to have students studying what is appropriate and realistic for their needs. By helping you, we don't waste your time or ours; and our graduates have a much higher success rate.



Business success depends upon spending less money than you take.

This may seem an obvious statement; but too many businesses fail because they simply don't adequately monitor and manage the balance between income and costs.

Read on for some tips.


It is nice to think you can have everything you want in life; but that has never been a realistic proposition, even for the most privileged.

Life will always be full of compromises; and the people who are realistic about their life decisions are always going to be more content; and probably will get closer to what they really want because of their preparedness to compromise.

Be realistic about career choices and you have more chance of going further.